Narin Hotel Antakya

    HARBİYE (Defne)
  The toun of Harbiye is 9 km out of Antakya it was a summer retreot during the Helenistic and Roma times it is belicued that Harbiye also hasted the first olympic cirit games. This ancient toun was reconstnuction by. Selevkos Nikator l. With it's fomaus vaterfalls today it is still a popular excursion for local people.
  It was founded by Alexander The Great and called Alexandretta after his victory over the Persion Emperor Darius lll. near the city of Issos in 333. B.C. The Remains of a Phoenician city called Myriandus existed here in ancient times. The city came successively under the domination of the Seleukos, the Byzatines, the Arabs and finnaly Ottomans.
  Yenişehir which is in the quarter of Yenişehir and around the Yenişehir lake, was a settlement place known as İmma during the Roman time. İmma which was demaged by the wars and the fires in the 12 th. century A.D. was and badly demaged by on earthqualce in 1171. the remains of that period can now be seen with in the quarter of Yenişehir. The Yenişehir lake is the most beautiful relaxion and picnic site of the Amik plain with its casinos and restavrants.
  Arsuz is a holiday and tourist village located at the mouth of the Arsuz River, 33 kilometers south of İskenderun. In seleucid times there was a city by the name of Rhosus or Rhosopolis at the same site. During Roman and Byzantine times there was an important port and settlement here. Around Arsuz, it is still possible to find remains of an ancient city and its ramparts.
    GÜZEL YAYLA (Soğukoluk)
  It is reached by an asphalt road in the lenght of 20 km. from Antakya by stabilized road in the lenght of 17 km. from Samandağ. This high plateau which is 500 meters above sea level, is famous for its fresh air and cold water. This is one of the most important relaxation places nearby.